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Motor City Software, LLC's staff has worked with some of the best companies in the world including many Fortune 500 companies.  These include many web sites for daily operations at Ford Motor Company, the price and and equip functionality of all Chrysler branded websites, Flagship mobile apps for General Motors, and programming for our friends at Motorola.   We have built web sites for many different industries including professional boxing, automotive manfacturers, professional auto racers, and merchants, just to name a few.  Our attention to detail, hard time-lines, and creative solutions is what brings our customers back, and new referral business. builds factory experimental after=market parts for performance vehicles.  Motor City Software worked hand in hand with TechAfx to develop a web presence for them.  Ease of use, an inventory system, a shopping cart, and payment system were all important aspects in the design and development of the TechAfx web site. Moran Motorsports is one of the worlds most highly regarded Motorsports leaders. Many of their customers have won championships due to their craftsmanship and skill. Moran Motorsports relied upon Motor City Software, LLC to handle their website as well as make a custom ordering system. provides free manuals for merchants worldwide.  With the thousands of hits per day, it was imperative for the system to handle high load situations.  Motor City Software built the system for Credit Card Machine Manuals site with this in mind.  The site has performed flawlessly and been helpful to merchants and store owners everywhere.