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Motor City Software, LLC

Forged from the Detroit work ethic

Motor City Software, LLC is a Michigan based software development company. We design and build feature packed web sites, exciting mobile apps, and desktop software solutions. At Motor City Software, LLC, we roll up our sleeves and forge your solutions with a Mid-West work ethic. We look forward to working with you to get your product to market.

Drag Racing Workbench - The first mobile tool for drag racers!

Drag racers need data. They need it fast and accurately. Drag Racing Workbench is the worlds first drag racing tool. Designed to give live track information, and calculate industry formulas for the racer and crew. We are proud to support this industry. After all, we are Motor City Software.
The worlds first mobile application for drag racers! Instantly gives you weather info, calculated density altitude, phone information, address, and more for local tracks. Instantly calculate horsepower, CFM, 1/8 mile times, 1/4 mile times, etc, using the list of many calculators. Professional and casual racers can now get the information they need, all from any phone or tablet.
Developer by drag racers, for drag racers.
We are always accepting ideas to improve our app. If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions, please email us or visit the web site and let us know!

TechAFX: Burning up the competition

TechAFX is a Detroit based company that builds after-market parts for performance vehicles. Motor City Software, LLC designed and developed their web site to maximize their profits and give their customers the experience they want.  From their well written instruction manuals, to their quality performance products, TechAFX has in a short time become a leader in their markets.  TechAFX chose Motor City Software, LLC to write their custom web site and were very impressed.

Credit Union Mobile software

Motor City Software is proud to announce it's Credit Union Now! software line allowing Credit Unions everywhere to have true Android and iPhone Mobile apps without having to install any extra software on their web sites. Credit Union Now! will interface directly with credit unions current secure web site. If you are a credit union and looking to have a mobile app built for you, contact us for a quote.  You can view a running version at the Android Market 

Custom Web Sites, Custom Phone Apps

Whether you want a custom web site programmed from scratch, or a fully customized mobile smart-phone app, Motor City Software has what you are looking for.

Web Site Services

 We are a full service web site company.  



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